Aguante Megadeth \m/

Aguante – Spanish for Endurance, Strength, Stamina, Grit, Passion, Resistance. In the context of Megadeth, however it means “Go!” or “Soldier on!” or “We are with you!” I first came across this unusual chant when we were watching a bootleg concert of one of Megadeth’s concerts at a friend’s place circa 2005. Those were theContinue reading “Aguante Megadeth \m/”

The advent of Soen

Not long after Opeth branched out into their more expressive, albeit eclectic style of playing with Heritage in 2011, I wondered what happened with the two previous members of the band – Lead Guitarist, Peter Lindgren and Drummer, Martin Lopez. A quick Google search made me realize that Peter Lindgren had become a partner ofContinue reading “The advent of Soen”

Eternal Rains Will Come

Passion. Mikael Akerfeldt = Dave Mustaine. Only in terms of bullying, that is. Band members come and go on a whim in both Opeth and Megadeth. Maybe that’s what is required to keep the band ship- shape. Or maybe they really just are bullies. Whatever be the reason, I think Mikael should be given creditContinue reading “Eternal Rains Will Come”