Eternal Rains Will Come

Opeth – Eternal Rains Will Come


Mikael Akerfeldt = Dave Mustaine. Only in terms of bullying, that is. Band members come and go on a whim in both Opeth and Megadeth. Maybe that’s what is required to keep the band ship- shape. Or maybe they really just are bullies.

Whatever be the reason, I think Mikael should be given credit where credit is true. To remain unencumbered by the demands of Opeth’s record label or their fans. Something I don’t think even MegaDave can boast off. Ever since Opeth branched off from playing progressive death metal with hints of subtlety, to full blown progressive rock, I have been drawn to them even more. I absolutely love their old style, but I have utmost respect for their left turn. You may love them or hate them post Watershed, but you have to give it to them (him?) for their balls-to-the-wall attitude and their new-found freedom to express themselves in an even more profound way.

This song is a classic example of what happens when one embraces their passion.

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